Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Day "Unbalanced!"

Book Seven - eTimeline - March 14, 2014

My day started off rough, I was to be at a appointment under a federal housing program at nine o'clock a.m. this morning.  I wasn't all that happy starting off my day - my actions - was from an incident that happened the day before when I had to go to Tampa to get a copy of my son Zachary's support payments to finish restating my housing project.  I had gotten my son on the bus to school - my great niece, Ta'Neisha had just arrived ten minutes before her bus. She seemed unhappy when she walk up to my apartment.  I asked her, "What's wrong Ta'Neisha! Are you okay?". She wanted to attend a school birthday bash.  Ta'Neisha had no money to buy food and tickets for the concessions.  So...she could not attend the school's birthday bash, she cried extensively.  I felt so sorry for her at that time.  I went back into my apartment and waited on my niece to pick me up to take me to my federal housing appointment.  I ate breakfast and I rested before my niece arrived. I looked at a movie.  Forty five minutes later, my niece arrived thirty minutes before I was to be at my appointment, she didn't look like she wanted to take me to my appointment.  She looked like she was very aggravated, I decided I wouldn't say a word to her to provoke her or aggregate her in any way or cost of getting her more aggravated that she is already.  I for one don't have time for drama.  My niece proceed to take me to my federal housing appointment, she thought the main housing building was where I needed to go, I informed her it wasn't, "she seemed upset she I told her where I need to go was on housing boulevard" I apologized to her immediately!  My thoughts were, when we arrived at the federal housing building , I told my niece, "I will take the bus home - no need to worry about me anymore today." I waved her and told her she can go back home - no need of wait on me! I felt as though - I was a burden to her anyway.  I felt so bad afterwards! I went into the federal building for my appointment - I didn't have long to wait. As soon as I sat, I was called for my appointment. I thought, "that was quick and then I was in tears" she I went into the office with my case worker.  Its was a short, but sweet interview about my (proof of income, child support, my sons social security information, copy of my electric bill etc.) And then I was done.  Afterwards, I went out the Federal housing building with twenty minutes to spare for my bus route - I had time to spare to go to the Dollar General store to buy some personals.  Afterwards, I proceed to my bus route with five minutes to spare.  I got on the bus with tears in my eyes and no one notice - I wasn't paying attention to it and it was fine with me.  I didn't want anyone feeling sorry for me.  I his my feelings with tissue - constantly keeping the tears from rolling down my face.  My thoughts were, I just wanted my niece to love me - that's all.  My nephews always show me love and compassion and that's why I can get along with them more.  My niece, Octavia, is a mystery, I don't know what she's thinking, or feeling - since she never speaks to me about anything or stops by my apartment once in a while to say, "hello auntie - how are you feeling - do you need anything - do you need to go anywhere - things like that." I get all of those things from my nephews and I thank GOD for them being in my life and showing me they love me - Chris does the same for me and I appreciate him too, but Octavia, I need help and unsolved mysteries to help me solve her dislike for me - at lease that's the way I see it.   So my feelings for her is mutual - don't get me wrong, I love her so much, its just I don't like the way I feel around her - her vibes are too much for me to cope with - I don't know how to reach her or find her in the mist of fog that surrounds her - I can't cut through the fog with a knife - its too thick.  These are my thoughts while my journey home on the bus.  My tears are dried and I didn't want to fell sorry for myself anymore, its not worth my time or patient ice anymore.  I'm tired of trying with her. "I'm so tired!" I will depend on my nephews who love me more than she ever will.  They make me very happy.  I finally made to the terminal on the bus, I got off and preceded to my bus - route 45 - got on - on my journey home.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Womens Day At The Beauty Salon

Book Six - eTimeline - February 28, 2014

I didn't expect to be picked up from my house after my son, Zachary got off of the bus.  I expected to be home - with my son we're bored with nothing to do.  Yes - my son and I play together, because, I don't allow him to play with the other children in my community, because they cuss like sailors and they a re not home trained (if they cuss like they do).  As usual - I waited for my great niece to arrive to my apartment.  This was when my twin sister, Sherri arrived unannounced - without notice she was coming.  I was very happy to see her, my niece, Octavia, my nephew Justin, and my mom, Ruth.  "She was the one who was getting her hair done at the beauty salon." I said, "Thank GOD for my family arrival." I immediately came out of my apartment to greet my family on my front lawn, while we wait for my son, Zachary to arrive from school.  15 minutes after, Zachary arrived on the bus - we (my family) was ready to go to the beauty salon.  My son and I would always (if Justin) is in route - ride with him in his car, because, Octavia's car was always packed, because, she has three children (my great niyeces, Ta'Neisha and Laila and my great nephew, Christian) and my mom, Ruth and my twin sister, Sherri and Octavia, herself.  We (my family) on our journey - a stop at the gas station first - afterwards - our journey officially began.  On the way, Justin and I laughed and talked about life and what going on in his life, but, there were certain thing he wanted to talk about and certain things he did not want to talk about and laughing at the things he (Justin) wanted to talk about - to pass the time until we arrived at the beauty salon for my mom, Ruth's hair appointment.  It was vaguely twenty minutes on the dot - we (family) was the first to arrive at the beauty salon for my mom hair appointment 30 minutes before my moms beautician, Barbara arrived. My nephew, Justin had to leave the beauty salon - so - he dropped me off at the front door.  "He took my son, Zachary and my great nieces, Ta'Neisha and Laila for a ride." My niece, Octavia parked her car.  It was cool outside, so my mom immediately offered me a spot in the 'back seat' of Octavia's car.  "I didn't mind that!" I did not waste time getting out of the cool weather.  My moms actions and her way of thinking is always abrupt when it comes to her children.  Barbara Hendricks - my moms beautician finally arrived.  Octavia assisted that she had to leave for a brief moment, I got out of the car to accompany mom and Barbara into the Beauty Salon.  In the salon, my mom, Ruth, Barbara and I started a conversation about my cousin, Jeanene and the "bum" she's eloped with. During our conversation, I found out that my cousin, Jeanene doesn't realize the kind of person she's with -- "completely pathetic!" Moving on - before I throw up!  Barbara started preparing the solution for my moms hair. We contained our conversation about Jeanene.  In between settings, Barbara also put in a video CD, "One of Tyler Perry's movies, 'Made a Goes To Jail'" The best of comedy!  After a while, I receive a phone call from my twin sister.  She was at our dad's house with Justin and the children and Octavia.  The children (My son Zachary, my great nieces, Ta'Neisha and Laila and great nephew, Christian) ran up to their grandfather. "He was so happy to see his grand children!" I was excited to for my father to see his grand children.  They had so much fun together I wish I could of seen my father's face. Meanwhile - Barbara was setting my moms hair for the blow dryer, we watched Tyler Perry's movie and continued to talk about Jeanene and the rude awakening she's going to experience when she finds out the kind of man she eloped with - that's if she opens her eyes to the deception.  With in twenty minutes, Barbara completed my moms hair.  I had already called ahead for Sherri to come and pick me and our mom.  Barbara's next appointment arrived before we left. Mom and I felt every comfortable that Barbara's next appointment arrived, so that she would not be alone in the Beauty Salon.  Mom and exited out from the beauty salon and we went our separate ways.  Justin preceded to take Zachary and I home, but, I asked Justin to stop to get something to eat - for Zachary's sake.  "I didn't have time to cook dinner." Afterwards - Justin preceded to take Zachary and I to our apartment.  That was the end of our night!  I had a wonderful time with my nephew (part of the time) and my niece, Octavia (also - part of the time) and my twin sister, Sherri.and the children ---"Well, you know!". I spent most of my time with my mom, Ruth and Barbara Hendricks, moms beautician.  "Awesome night and a blessed one!"


Monday, February 10, 2014

Awesome Family Time Dining Out

Book Five - eTimeline - February 9, 2014

I wish Neyome could of been with my family on Saturday, February 8.  We had so much fun at 'Lings Buffet'.  It was my first time dining there - I really enjoyed  the atmosphere and the food was good.  Most of all - I enjoyed spending time with my family.  We laughed and talked about everything.  My brother-in-law, Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley were the clowns of conversation as usual.  Its never a dull moment with those two clowns.  Sherri and I kept going back and forth up to the buffet, the food was so good.  I never knew it existed!  Afterwards - my family and I went to my brother, Wesley favorite place for coffee, "Starbucks Coffee."  I call it "Wesleybucks", because my brother can't get enough of Starbucks coffee.  Only Wesley and I wanted the coffee.  We went inside Starbucks and order our coffee.  I took a long time for our orders to come through, but, Wesley and Waite patiently.  After my family and I ate - Wesley and I got our coffees - we  would meet at Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment to settle down for a couple of hours - laugh again - and talk about old times.  Hours later my family, Zachary and I went our separate ways.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another Family Day Together

Book Four - eTimeline - February 1, 2014

Another Saturday morning sleep in after a long week of getting my son, Zachary off to school.  I'm so proud of my son, Zachary!  He made the honor-roll for the second nine weeks of school.  Basically - all 'B's and only one 'A', excellence in citizenship.  For me - that's good enough to consider a ton of privileges.  I went in to my living room to find a 'Saturday morning' movie to watch, while I prepare a small breakfast for my son and myself - while in thought - of someone - whose birthday is today - of whom I care about and think of - he doesn't think of me when its my birthday.  I don't know why I waste my time on him in my post - I choose not to mention his name, or think of him, even though -its his birthday today.  I continued into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my son and myself.  I decided to direct my thoughts toward thanking my 'Lord - Jesus Christ' for my day, and to be with my family.  I wondered 'What are we doing today as a family?'  I think my brother, Wesley will be come over to my apartment later on this afternoon, or my brother-in-law Lorenzo and my twin sister, Sherri will come to pick up Zachary and I from our apartment - so that we can spend family time together.   I just found out Sunday is 'Superbowl 48' - so - more likely - Zachary and I will be spending time - after church - with family for sure to celebrate.  I think the 'Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos' will be play for the super bowl 'Ring'.  one hour later, my brother, Wesley came to pick Zachary and I up - so that we can spend the day together.  We ran a few errands before we ended up at my brother-in-law's apartment.  Wesley, Zachary, and I arrived at Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment.  Lorenzo decided where our family should spend some quality time togetherness.  We (family) went to 'Parksdale Farms' for the best Strawberry Shortcake in the world - again!  There were a swarm of people visiting from our (family) last visit.  We didn't mind!  Finally we (family) were at the head of the line - our orders were taken.  Strawberry shortcakes, famous strawberry milkshakes, ice cream boats were part of our delicious menu.  Afterwards - we share our usual family time together at Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment until it was time for my son and I to be back in time to be ready for bed and onto church the next morning.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mommy, Son, And Family Time At 'Parksdale Farms'

Book Three - eTimeline - January 26, 2014

It was quit early for me to awake on a Saturday morning.  Usually.  I would sleep in on a Saturday morning, after long week of getting up early at other crack of dawn - in order to get my son up and prepared for school.  Now on Saturday mornings - instead of sleeping in - I get out of my bed and prepare my son, Zachary and myself for our day just in case we get visitors (our relatives) to come over and pick us up - a little get away from the apartment, since I don't have transportation. For now - while Zachary and I wait for family, I sit - I wait - I look at my favorite show, "The Godfather" -- parts 1, 2, and 3", since its the features for the entire day.  "I can't get enough of the "The Godfather!"  But - one thing I don't like is watching, is 'Santino' getting shot up like a target range - while shooting off into 'charted territory' - without protection - without the consciousness of knowing he's going to get shot up within minutes of his arrival to his sisters house to defend her honor against her abusive husband.  Wow - what a mess!  The time is 7 minutes until 3:00 p.m., still - no one in my family has come to visit.  My son, Zachary is wondering if anyone is coming to pick us up from our apartment.  It also hard on my me to know that I can't get around with about my own transportation.  Its also hard on me sometimes when my son, Zachary want to go somewhere - anywhere.  Anywhere - but here in our apartment, cooped up and bored.  Its just as well, I say!  I'm just glad that Zachary and I are spending time together.  That's all that matters.  Zachary decided to keep himself busy.  He went into he was room to play his favorite video games.  I continue to sit and watch the second installment of of "The Godfather - Part 2"  Maybe - just maybe - someone will come for a visit.  But - until then - Zachary and I will continue to spend Mommy and Son time together - like we should be spending - Mommy and Son time together.  I love my son, Zachary!  And then - at 4:16 p.m. - I received a telephone call from my brother -in-law, Lorenzo.  He asked if Zachary and I would like to go to 'Parksdale Farms' for the best strawberry short cake in the country.  Of course - I agreed!  It was to be 15 minutes before Lorenzo arrived to my apartment to pick up Zachary and I for the trip to Parksdale Farms.  I decided to make a light lunch for Zachary until Lorenzo and the rest of the family arrived.  I continued to watch the conclusion of "The Godfather -  part 2."  Fifteen minutes later, Lorenzo and the rest of the family arrived at my apartment to pick up Zachary and I up.  We started on our way to 'Parksdale Farms.'   As usual we would all share family time together while traveling to wherever our destination.  As usual....Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley would clown around to make the ride pleasurable and very exciting.  It was 35 minutes later when we (family) arrived at 'Parksdale Farms', as usual the crowds were phenomenal for the worlds awesome strawberry shortcake.  The line went smoothly without a problem.  Finally our (family) orders were taken, we found a place to sit and enjoy our strawberry short cakes - we laughed and talked - we explored 'Parksdake Farms' produce for at least 15 minutes or less, and then, we left 'Parksdale Farms' on our (family) way back to the apartment (Zachary and I) to spend more "Mommy and Son" time alone.  I picked out a movie for Zachary and I to watch.  We enjoyed the rest of the night together as 'mother and son.' I thought of the wonderful time we had (My son, my family, and I) had at 'Parksdale Farms' -- the strawberry cakes are awesome!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Feeling Of My Life Wasted

Book Two - eTimeline - January 24, 2014
There are many women out there in the world who probably feel the same way I do when it comes to feeling "I wasted my life trying to make this business plan work or I wasted my life on someone or something that wasn't worth my time and effort or my patience."  In a whole lot of ways, I feel like I robbed myself of a life I could of, or should of have- if would of taken chances to enjoy what life had to offer me, in order to make myself happy.  I admit...I'm not happy!  God and my son Zachary are the only sources that are keeping me a float.  I fault myself for my life wasted!  I regret every day I didn't take chances - or the opportunity to make things work for me and for my life and my son's life.  These are my indiscretions:  1. Relationship - I pushed away a good man.  I admit to that as my first indiscretion.  2. Mapping out a plan for myself - where I want to be - what I want to do with my life - now that I have a son...whom I really need to think about when it comes to providing the best of opportunities life has to offer.  That is a goal I would like to achieve!  3. Building up the courage to bring myself out my shell of insecurities - when it comes to relationships - making things like my (business plan and promoting it to the public without feeling afraid of being rejected, publishing my first two manuscripts - "The Minorities, The Pilot and The Minorities, Richard's Demise." There was so much I could have done with life if I would have given myself a chance - come out of my shell of insecurities - believed in myself more.  I know I would have been happy with my life, if I would take those chances to do just that.  I'm 44 years old...and I've never had a stable relationship with anyone.  "I consider myself - practically - an 'old maid' without a cause!"  I thought I had a stable relationship with my son's father, but...I was sadly mistaken!  I pray for happiness - I pray for guidance - I pray for understanding for myself - so I can give every opportunity of a good life to my son, Zachary.  I don't want to feel sorry for myself anymore!  I know I need to get off my butt and make things happen - make my life work for my son's sake.  I know it's not going to be peaches and cream, but...I need to build up my self-confidence and self-esteem to make a difference in this cruel world.  I'm so tired of failing!  I trust in the 'Name of our Lord' to bring me out of what I call - "misery!"  I will finally be happy for a change, I know I will!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Family Time At The Amusement Park 'Old Town'

Book One - eTimeline - January 18, 2014

My day started a little before noon on a Saturday morning.  My son Zachary and I are late sleepers, especially on the weekends, after a long school week of getting up just before the crack of dawn.  My brother-in-law Lorenzo had just called me to let me know he needed to go the bank.  He needed to withdraw some money for our trip to a place called"Old Town." Its an old city where there is an assortment of old stores, old cars, and fun rides.  Its clearly the place to go for family fun activities!  So...I didn't have much time to make lunch, being so, breakfast time had already pasted.  I decided to wait until Zachary and I arrive at my twin sister, Sherri and Lorenzo's apartment to get lunch...since we were welcomed to have lunch there.  While eating lunch, Sherri, mom, and I watched our favorite television show, 'In The Heat Of The Night' until it was time to leave for Old Town.  My brother had just arrived in time for our trip.  As soon as everyone (our extended family) in place, we gathered outside of Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment, we were ready to load up into the suburban...en route to Old Town.  As a family...we have so much fun together - especially when were talking about old times, game days, and just plain ordinary thing people laugh and talk about.  When it come to my brother in-law, Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley, I know my family trip...the whole way would be an exciting one.  They are total clowns - I'm not kidding!  Within thirty-five minute...at least, we (my extended family) arrives at 'Old Town' amusement park.  It was totally packed to capacity.  All I could see was old antique cars, old shops, old buildings, and tons of people enjoying themselves and having a good time.  my family and I gathered together and we started out on our journey around Old Town.  The first place we (my family and I) stopped, is the old antique shops.  We glanced around...exploring different pieces of artifacts and other amazing pieces.  Of course...the women of my family (Sherri, Octavia, my mom Ruth, and I) could not resist coming out of that store (antique shop) without buying something.  Afterwards...we continued on our journey  - walking on the legendary brick roads of Old Town where the old classic cars were parked on display - for everyone to explore and enjoy their uniqueness in retrospect. They were (old classic cars) was totally awesome to look at.  One in particular...this 1969 Chevelle...what a beauty! My family ad I continued our journey through Old Town.  My great nieces and my only great nephew and my son, Zachary saw the "Fun Spot" amusement park - of course - the children were ready to ride the rides immediately.  But first...we (the family) had to find a ticket Boothe to purchase tickets for the rides.  On the way...my brother-in-law , Lorenzo, my nephew Chris, and his wife, my niece Octavia, and my twin sister, Sherri decided to stop at this old bar before beverages for the children, and alcoholic beverages for the adults, before we found a booth to buy tickets for the rides at Fun Spot.  Afterwards..we continued around Old Town in search of a ticket booth.  The children excitement was overwhelming!  I alerted my family on finding a ticket booth.  I bought a twenty-five dollar card...enough for four rides for my son, Zachary.  Chris and Octavia did the same.  The children were finally riding on the rides and having fun.  I had fun watching my son - having fun.  Within five or ten minutes, the wind chill (since it was a little cool when my family and arrived at Old Town) the temperature had fallen a couple of degrees below.  My family and I decided it was time to leave Old Town.  We were all hungry.  We decided to find a place where we can sit down as a family and have dinner.  We decide on 'Golden Corral' family buffet.  Lorenzo drove until we found a Golden Corral family buffet.  As a gentleman...Lorenzo pulled up in front of the Golden Corral  so that the women of the family could get out of the suburban at the front door of the family buffet...while he parked the suburban.  We waited (Sherri, Octavia, my mom Ruth, Chris, and all the children waited until Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley came into the Golden Corral to join the family from parking the suburban.  We (family) paid for the buffet - found our tables - blessed our food, and served ourselves.  We sat - we ate - we laughed - we talked - and we had fun being together as a family while we ate dinner.  After dinner...my family and I started our journey back to Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment to retrieve all of our things, our cars, and ourselves.  My family and I acknowledged our fun time together at 'Old Town' and at the 'Golden Corral' before we went our separate way to our apartments.  I will never forget our time together as a family -- "Our Small Family!"  I only wish my soon to be sister-in-law, Neyome, my brother Wesley's fiancĂ©e from the island of Sri Lanka...could of been a part of my family's festivities.  She would of had an awesome time!

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