Thursday, January 23, 2014

Family Time At The Amusement Park 'Old Town'

Book One - eTimeline - January 18, 2014

My day started a little before noon on a Saturday morning.  My son Zachary and I are late sleepers, especially on the weekends, after a long school week of getting up just before the crack of dawn.  My brother-in-law Lorenzo had just called me to let me know he needed to go the bank.  He needed to withdraw some money for our trip to a place called"Old Town." Its an old city where there is an assortment of old stores, old cars, and fun rides.  Its clearly the place to go for family fun activities!  So...I didn't have much time to make lunch, being so, breakfast time had already pasted.  I decided to wait until Zachary and I arrive at my twin sister, Sherri and Lorenzo's apartment to get lunch...since we were welcomed to have lunch there.  While eating lunch, Sherri, mom, and I watched our favorite television show, 'In The Heat Of The Night' until it was time to leave for Old Town.  My brother had just arrived in time for our trip.  As soon as everyone (our extended family) in place, we gathered outside of Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment, we were ready to load up into the suburban...en route to Old Town.  As a family...we have so much fun together - especially when were talking about old times, game days, and just plain ordinary thing people laugh and talk about.  When it come to my brother in-law, Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley, I know my family trip...the whole way would be an exciting one.  They are total clowns - I'm not kidding!  Within thirty-five least, we (my extended family) arrives at 'Old Town' amusement park.  It was totally packed to capacity.  All I could see was old antique cars, old shops, old buildings, and tons of people enjoying themselves and having a good time.  my family and I gathered together and we started out on our journey around Old Town.  The first place we (my family and I) stopped, is the old antique shops.  We glanced around...exploring different pieces of artifacts and other amazing pieces.  Of course...the women of my family (Sherri, Octavia, my mom Ruth, and I) could not resist coming out of that store (antique shop) without buying something.  Afterwards...we continued on our journey  - walking on the legendary brick roads of Old Town where the old classic cars were parked on display - for everyone to explore and enjoy their uniqueness in retrospect. They were (old classic cars) was totally awesome to look at.  One in particular...this 1969 Chevelle...what a beauty! My family ad I continued our journey through Old Town.  My great nieces and my only great nephew and my son, Zachary saw the "Fun Spot" amusement park - of course - the children were ready to ride the rides immediately.  But first...we (the family) had to find a ticket Boothe to purchase tickets for the rides.  On the brother-in-law , Lorenzo, my nephew Chris, and his wife, my niece Octavia, and my twin sister, Sherri decided to stop at this old bar before beverages for the children, and alcoholic beverages for the adults, before we found a booth to buy tickets for the rides at Fun Spot.  Afterwards..we continued around Old Town in search of a ticket booth.  The children excitement was overwhelming!  I alerted my family on finding a ticket booth.  I bought a twenty-five dollar card...enough for four rides for my son, Zachary.  Chris and Octavia did the same.  The children were finally riding on the rides and having fun.  I had fun watching my son - having fun.  Within five or ten minutes, the wind chill (since it was a little cool when my family and arrived at Old Town) the temperature had fallen a couple of degrees below.  My family and I decided it was time to leave Old Town.  We were all hungry.  We decided to find a place where we can sit down as a family and have dinner.  We decide on 'Golden Corral' family buffet.  Lorenzo drove until we found a Golden Corral family buffet.  As a gentleman...Lorenzo pulled up in front of the Golden Corral  so that the women of the family could get out of the suburban at the front door of the family buffet...while he parked the suburban.  We waited (Sherri, Octavia, my mom Ruth, Chris, and all the children waited until Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley came into the Golden Corral to join the family from parking the suburban.  We (family) paid for the buffet - found our tables - blessed our food, and served ourselves.  We sat - we ate - we laughed - we talked - and we had fun being together as a family while we ate dinner.  After family and I started our journey back to Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment to retrieve all of our things, our cars, and ourselves.  My family and I acknowledged our fun time together at 'Old Town' and at the 'Golden Corral' before we went our separate way to our apartments.  I will never forget our time together as a family -- "Our Small Family!"  I only wish my soon to be sister-in-law, Neyome, my brother Wesley's fiancée from the island of Sri Lanka...could of been a part of my family's festivities.  She would of had an awesome time!

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  1. I had a wonderful time at 'old time' with my family. It makes think of Neyome - she is going to enjoy being with our small family.😃

  2. We need to do another day at old town really enjoyed it.


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