Monday, February 10, 2014

Awesome Family Time Dining Out

Book Five - eTimeline - February 9, 2014

I wish Neyome could of been with my family on Saturday, February 8.  We had so much fun at 'Lings Buffet'.  It was my first time dining there - I really enjoyed  the atmosphere and the food was good.  Most of all - I enjoyed spending time with my family.  We laughed and talked about everything.  My brother-in-law, Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley were the clowns of conversation as usual.  Its never a dull moment with those two clowns.  Sherri and I kept going back and forth up to the buffet, the food was so good.  I never knew it existed!  Afterwards - my family and I went to my brother, Wesley favorite place for coffee, "Starbucks Coffee."  I call it "Wesleybucks", because my brother can't get enough of Starbucks coffee.  Only Wesley and I wanted the coffee.  We went inside Starbucks and order our coffee.  I took a long time for our orders to come through, but, Wesley and Waite patiently.  After my family and I ate - Wesley and I got our coffees - we  would meet at Lorenzo and Sherri's apartment to settle down for a couple of hours - laugh again - and talk about old times.  Hours later my family, Zachary and I went our separate ways.

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