Monday, January 27, 2014

Mommy, Son, And Family Time At 'Parksdale Farms'

Book Three - eTimeline - January 26, 2014

It was quit early for me to awake on a Saturday morning.  Usually.  I would sleep in on a Saturday morning, after long week of getting up early at other crack of dawn - in order to get my son up and prepared for school.  Now on Saturday mornings - instead of sleeping in - I get out of my bed and prepare my son, Zachary and myself for our day just in case we get visitors (our relatives) to come over and pick us up - a little get away from the apartment, since I don't have transportation. For now - while Zachary and I wait for family, I sit - I wait - I look at my favorite show, "The Godfather" -- parts 1, 2, and 3", since its the features for the entire day.  "I can't get enough of the "The Godfather!"  But - one thing I don't like is watching, is 'Santino' getting shot up like a target range - while shooting off into 'charted territory' - without protection - without the consciousness of knowing he's going to get shot up within minutes of his arrival to his sisters house to defend her honor against her abusive husband.  Wow - what a mess!  The time is 7 minutes until 3:00 p.m., still - no one in my family has come to visit.  My son, Zachary is wondering if anyone is coming to pick us up from our apartment.  It also hard on my me to know that I can't get around with about my own transportation.  Its also hard on me sometimes when my son, Zachary want to go somewhere - anywhere.  Anywhere - but here in our apartment, cooped up and bored.  Its just as well, I say!  I'm just glad that Zachary and I are spending time together.  That's all that matters.  Zachary decided to keep himself busy.  He went into he was room to play his favorite video games.  I continue to sit and watch the second installment of of "The Godfather - Part 2"  Maybe - just maybe - someone will come for a visit.  But - until then - Zachary and I will continue to spend Mommy and Son time together - like we should be spending - Mommy and Son time together.  I love my son, Zachary!  And then - at 4:16 p.m. - I received a telephone call from my brother -in-law, Lorenzo.  He asked if Zachary and I would like to go to 'Parksdale Farms' for the best strawberry short cake in the country.  Of course - I agreed!  It was to be 15 minutes before Lorenzo arrived to my apartment to pick up Zachary and I for the trip to Parksdale Farms.  I decided to make a light lunch for Zachary until Lorenzo and the rest of the family arrived.  I continued to watch the conclusion of "The Godfather -  part 2."  Fifteen minutes later, Lorenzo and the rest of the family arrived at my apartment to pick up Zachary and I up.  We started on our way to 'Parksdale Farms.'   As usual we would all share family time together while traveling to wherever our destination.  As usual....Lorenzo and my brother, Wesley would clown around to make the ride pleasurable and very exciting.  It was 35 minutes later when we (family) arrived at 'Parksdale Farms', as usual the crowds were phenomenal for the worlds awesome strawberry shortcake.  The line went smoothly without a problem.  Finally our (family) orders were taken, we found a place to sit and enjoy our strawberry short cakes - we laughed and talked - we explored 'Parksdake Farms' produce for at least 15 minutes or less, and then, we left 'Parksdale Farms' on our (family) way back to the apartment (Zachary and I) to spend more "Mommy and Son" time alone.  I picked out a movie for Zachary and I to watch.  We enjoyed the rest of the night together as 'mother and son.' I thought of the wonderful time we had (My son, my family, and I) had at 'Parksdale Farms' -- the strawberry cakes are awesome!

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  1. I hope to go back to 'Parksdale Farms' in February or March...that is when the Strawberry shortcakes are much sweeter and juicier the berries. I saw some out of towers who said they agree with me. I had so much fun with my family that day.

  2. Can't wait for the State fair and the Strawberry Festival...awesome strawberry short cakes

  3. I ready to do back Parksdale Farm my self I want another one of those strawberry shortcake good and juicy


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